Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Beads & Knotting

We had a great weekend in the shop.....Saturday we ran a Beads & Knotting workshop. There were five people in the session (a good number) and they all made some fabulous pieces using griffin silk cord, nylon cords, stretch magic and glass / semi precious beads. Here's some clips of the day...

I'm getting on well with making my beads. My plan is too hold out on showing everything to you until my exhibition. I've now started thinking about the jewellery I'll make from some pieces....might give you a little preview later on in the week. I've got loads of piccies from my evening class groups too....I had my last wednesday night last week, my last Tuesday today and Thursday this week - I'm looking forward to a few evenings off....probably make more beads!!!!!

Friday, 27 March 2009

I'm loving......

.....Lots of things!!!
Firstly this new blog site - its so much easier to use than my last one and I prefer the layout / design of the site.
Also, lampwork beading.....I AM HOOKED!!!! I've spent the day today making new beads and fishes!!! Lucy (my little sis) and I have been making all day. I'm getting ready for Oxfordshire Artweeks in May. There not out of the kiln yet....its going to take about 6hrs before I can take them out. I get very inpatient!!!!
Also Harry - our dog is looking very cute at the moment. He's always cute but especially now as he's just had his hair cut...
This is Harry with Logan - my best friend's little boy. I think Harry gets a bit stressed when Logan's chasing him around the shop!!! They're good friends though. For those of you that haven't met Harry he's a Mini Schnauzer - beautiful dog to have in the family if your thinking of getting one. Poor little thing has got a sore paw at the moment - we're bathing it for him and are going to see how he is after the weekend. He my have to visit the vets....which he hates!!!

Tomorrow I've got a Intro to Beads & Knotting Class - I love the knotting technique. It can be acheived with minimal tools and there are so many pretty cords available. I take some photo's for you to see.

I've moved from amysurman.blog.com

Hello All.....I've moved my blog page - for various reasons really:
  • it seemed that you all couldn't follow my blog.com one very easily having to sign up etc
  • this one is much more user friendly
  • other artist in my area are all using this service so its more fitting to my needs
So, if you want to catch up so far visit amysurman.blog.com to fill yourself in then sign up to this site for all the new explorations and journeys that I will be taking - hopefully you'll enjoy what you read and take something positive away from the experience.

Happy to have you on board!!