Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Amy Surman Jewellery on Folksy

Quartz Droplet Pendant with Ball Chain...£20.00

I have finally got my very own Folksy shop up and running!! I have been having great fun taking photo's playing with backgrounds and staging. Thinking about what I like and why I make what I do. It's been a really good learning experience and I'm looking forward to getting some more pieces up for sale. The plan is to sell a selection of jewellery items, handmade findings and lampwork glass beads.

Take a look at http://folksy.com/shops/AmySJewellery

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tips for filing your metal

Filing is a process that comes second to last, just before polishing, but gets little attention sometimes. It's tedious and time consuming especially when you just want the piece to be complete and ready to wear. It is, in fact, one of the most important. I always tell my students it makes or not makes the piece complete. Within my sessions, both weekly and day workshops, I'm always offering advice and guidance on filing, so here's my top tips...

  • Files remove metal...emery paper removes marks
  • Always file across, not with, a solder join as it will remove more metal from the join
  • Access where to start...don't start with a very abrasive paper...it will only create more work
  • Always use your bench peg when filing...this will make sure you keep your work in a set position
  • Ensure you're using the right file for the job...there are many types available...choose appropriately: Size, Cut, Shape, half-round, flat, triangular, square, round, knife edge and more specialist cuts
  • Files cuts in one direction...as you push away...you don't need to apply lots of pressure concentrate on direction and form...let the file do the work
  • When using emery papers (wet & dry) the lower number is the most course. We use from a 240 to a 1200. (240-320-400-600-800-1000-1200)
  • When changing emery paper grades change direction of your filing action...e.g north to south...east to west
  • If you are finding your piece difficult to hold you can use finger protection tape to help with grip and protect your fingers from stray file movements!
  • Take your time