Saturday, 30 January 2010

Sparkle, Sparkle!!

I've been meaning to post this for ages...remember last year I was
making some jewellery for a friends wedding but vowed to myself to
keep things secret until the big day?? Well this is the tiara I
made...I was very pleased with it and more important - Lucy the bride
was. The focal point is a brooch that Lucy found in an antique shop. I
then used silver plated wire, swarovski crystals, glass pearls and
silver-lined delicas to create the panels. Lucy & Duncan's wedding is
currently being featured in Cotswold Life Lucy!!!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Gladys my Little Niece

Those of you that have been in the shop over the past few months will
have probably met Gladys. She is the newest edition to the family and
is my sister Kay's little Pug. Had to share this fabulous picture with
you...Gladys on Kay's crocheted blanket! I can't actually crochet but
would love to learn...when I've got time I'm going to get Kay to teach
me so I can make a beautiful cozy blanket too.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Happy 2010....

What a start to the year!! I've been suffering with arthritis in my right hand since before Christmas...think it may have something to do with the cold weather. Apart from that and the downfall of snow the year has started very well. I must say that although I got completely fed up with not being able to go about my everyday business, due to my car refusing to work and the icy road conditions, I did enjoy the snow. Harry loves it...he got Stuart and I up VERY early the first morning it had settled and was so excited. The only trouble is it all gets stuck to his legs and just keeps collecting throughout the the end of it he's walking very strangely due to the weight and shape of his legs!!

In my garden and around the shop, I noticed these fabulous icicles. This picture is taken on the passion flower - due to the shape of the leaves the icicles formed in a looked amazing! Some of the icicles got so big we had to break them down just in case they fell onto Harry while he was sniffing around.

We are well into the 2010 workshop programme now. So far we've had Intro to Beads & Knotting, Intro to Beads & Wire, Intro to Beads & Stringing, Wire Rings and this weekend we've got our first Certification course in Precious Metal Clay. I'm very excited about delivering the new course. Throughout the three days we will be covering high shine, enamelling, bezel settings, using 24ct gold PMC, bisque beads and lots more. Its going to be a busy few days but full of exciting techniques and lots of creativity.

Introduction to Beads & Knotting

Introduction to Beads & Wire

Look at my birthday present from Kay (my big sister)...she makes the most beautiful crocheted bears (amongst loads of other beautiful things). I saw this one when I went to visit her one day and said how much I liked it. She made him into a picture hanging for me with this fab sparkly pink paper behind him....I Love it!!