Thursday, 24 January 2013

Completed Projects...

This weeks completed projects from our Silver Improvers class...

Jenny's tube set cubic zirconia ring using a 5mm stone and 4x2mm D shape silver wire...perfectly set.

Kath's new version of her loop in loop chain...I love the little links!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everybody,
It seems a little late to say it but it's the first opportunity I've had since returning from my winter holiday in the sun. After a refreshing break that encompassed everything you'd want from a Christmas holiday we're back and enjoying 2013. Already we've met new customers, delivered workshops and designed a new workshop! My weekly silversmithing classes have all started...this term we're making a cocktail ring. We're basing our designs on a project from The Rings Book by Jinks McGrath in which she explains how to make a flared collet with a simple drawn template. We're going to be using large sparkly stones..I'm looking forward to seeing the results! This weekend has been unpredictable due to the snowy weather but some very keen lovely ladies joined me for Beads & Stringing yesterday then wire rings today. I also taught Headington school boarding girls today so its been a busy first week back. So enjoying being back at work and getting ideas for the year ahead...hope you enjoy our journey.

Today's Wire Ring Workshop
12-2pm £15.00 + materials