Saturday, 19 September 2009

Summer Holidays

Well, I hope you all had a lovely summer. I visited America - Orlando & Miami for my holidays. We stayed in the most amazing hotel in Orlando, The Animal Kingdom Lodge - part of the Walt Disney World empire. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is based on an African Lodge surrounded by savannahs and exotic pools/spas. This is an image of the lobby...a very grand entrance!

Throughout the hotel everything had been thought about and placed with the finest of detail. Look at the railings...hidden amongst the uprights and turns of the metalwork you can see a giraffe and on others zebras, buffalo, birds and more - All of which could be viewed within the savannahs.

The most amazing sight we saw at the hotel was one afternoon when the giraffes were feeding. There were three giraffes - all female and one was only 9 months old. It was such a beautiful site...they were only about 25 foot away from us!! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera and we didn't have same encounter again.

The Zebra Walk

In the lobby there were numerous cases spread around with interesting African articles from jewellery and beads to bowls and working tools...there really was so much to see. As we were in Orlando we visited some of the parks - my favourite is Seaworld. Here we saw the killer whales, dolphins, manatees, stingrays, sharks and lots lots more. We fed the dolphins and stingrays too!

After a 6 night stay in Orlando we drove (I did the driving) down to Miami for a beach holiday. It was a lovely stay although due to the hurricane season by the afternoon the clouds started to roll in and we had to leave the beach in case we were struck by lightning!!

Sunny Isles Beach, Miami

Now I'm back in the UK and back to work....I've been delivering new workshops - Beads & Wire improvers, private tuition, children's workshops, private workshops. We've also got some new products in store and I've started my PGCE (Post graduate certificate in education) course yr 2 - it's great to be back!!!

Beads & Wire improver project